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The Naked Witch

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The Naked Witch

One of Larry Buchanan's first films, so don't expect the polish and complex character interactions of his later work, like "Mars Needs Women" or "Zontar, the Thing from Venus."

Run time 59 minutes 7 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: hudgeliberal - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 4, 2017
Subject: Great for film buffs and Buchanan fans!
You must know what to expect and understand the value of these low-grade, low-budget B-films. Yes, you have wooden acting, shaky storyline and cheese everywhere but that is the BEAUTY of these films! Also, they are part of a great time in history...the sixties and seventies, probably the best time ever to be a youngster!! To the misinformed person who said this was porn LMAO! Go back to church and stay away from titles such as "Naked Witch" lol.
Reviewer: weatherreport07 - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 4, 2014
Subject: Not bad, not great, somewhat entertaining
I thought this was pretty good for a low budget mid 60s film. The acting is pretty shaky, but the story/plot isn't too bad. The nude swimming scene was definitely one of the high points in the film. A pretty good movie, if you like low budget horror/suspense type movies. I agree with the other reviewer who said it's a little better than Plan 9 From Outer Space.
Reviewer: brown hat - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 2, 2014
Subject: Naked Witch
True fans of bad, '60s, horror/exploitation films will find very, very much to love about "The Naked Witch". The introductory narration is fantastically dramatic. The characters have no depth. Reality is utterly ignored (a wooden stake becomes "petrified stone" in one-hundred years). The dialogue is only slightly better than Ed Woods'. No surprise that the hero gets to have sex with the witch and then kill her so he can get with the good girl.
There is very little nudity - my only complaint - but the overblown soundtrack more than makes up for it.
If you enjoy really kitschy, awfsome movies, watch "The Naked Witch"
Reviewer: Myidoru - favoritefavorite - December 6, 2013
Subject: Better Than Plan 9!
But only marginally. Slow and disjointed, but saved by an erotic swimming scene and almost surreal mismatch between sound and action.... the characters laugh and cry with changeless expressions in a quite disturbing way
Reviewer: homerchrist - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2013
Subject: Regardless of age, Skybandit is right
This movie does not have porn, this movie is not 14 minutes long and there are definitely much better movies almost everywhere. The first thing the Naked Witch does is steal some clothes for Gods sake. You complain you're offended and that "trash" like this shouldn't be here. Boo hoo, don't watch it then. This archive is for all, not just you. Its titled "The Naked Witch", what were you expecting? Witchcraft and nudity weren't part of it for you? People like you give good argument to bringing back Eugenics. There were no penis, erect or flaccid. There were no scenes of intercourse or even pubic hair. If you have a problem with nudity, complain to the manufacturer. That's how God sent us here. Its narrow minds that make nudity vulgar or evil.
I recommend you be removed Act1. Oh yes, and thank you for your opinion from giving it 14 minutes of watching. You are to be considered an expert now. You are exactly the type of person this film is about. You claim witchery to explain your moral shortcomings. Your method was saying this is porn, just as the Innkeeper claimed the Widow was a witch because he got caught sexing her up. Movie mogul, you're just as bad. Claiming Act1 is right. Go back to Woodsboro Baptist and leave everything (everywhere) alone.
This movie is shite, no one is denying that, but it is fun and campy if that's your mood.
Oh yeah, and just in case you devout Puritans haven't made it this far in your Bible's, skip ahead to Matthew 7:1-3. May God shine her grace and open your minds and hearts, or just give them to you.
Reviewer: ghost0099 - favorite - September 30, 2013
Subject: not good
You can tell it was a early movie for the film maker. Very rough. Could definitely do without the nudity.
Reviewer: vonnoosh - - May 19, 2013
Subject: A very looong hour. Larry Buchanan's first feature.
This is Larry Buchanan's first stab at making a feature length film and unfortunately, you know what you're likely to get. Slow paced, bad day for night, wooden acting and rubbery horror masks. Unlike his later works, Buchanan falls back on A LOT of narration. This is typical of young directors good or bad but typically the viewer should care about what the narrator is saying in terms of the story.

Buchanan is credited with cowriting the screenplay so the story is much thinner than his made for TV adaptations from the AIP film library. The thinness of the script makes this hour long movie feel like it's a three and a half hour long featured with dubbed in Esperanto.

Worth watching only if you don't mind his other movies like In The Year 2889, Zontar, Creature of Destruction, Curse of the Swamp Creature, It's Alive (1969 version) all of which are on this site also.
Reviewer: Movie Mogul - favorite - April 23, 2013
Subject: Boring - skybandit, how old are you? never mind.
The first reviewer ACT1 was correct and a much better film (Here Comes Trouble) can be found at
Reviewer: ACT1 NowPlaying - favorite - April 23, 2013
Subject: Not a family film. Low budget witchcraft film, some porn
The first 9 minutes I thought I was viewing a documentary, then the begining of the film. Could not wait for the end, so I fast forwarded thru much of the film until the final 5 minutes. The film may have some historic value to someone, but it was not my cup of tea. A low budget, color film about witchcraft with some porn. Bad acting, bad script. I personally see no social value in this offensive trash placed in this public domain archive where children can access it and recommend it be removed.
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I recommend the poster of this material watch the film: Time Changer 2002 on this site and may God shine his light and blessings on you.
Reviewer: skybandit - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 23, 2013
Subject: You've got a problem...
...if you define "porn" as ONE topless scene! What are you, Moslem or twelve years old? You didn't watch the whole thing by your own admission, and Bible thumpers shouldn't watch shows with "naked" and "witch" in the title, anyway. Five stars just to offset Jesus Freaks!
DEFINITELY NOT for the film itself, which sucks diseased donkey dick.
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